The College offers two Degree Programmes namely Bachelor of Fine Art (Applied Art) and Bachelor of Fine Art (Painting) of four year duration each. The intake for B.F.A. (Applied Art) is 30 seats and intake for B.F.A. (Painting) is 20 seats. The branches are allotted on the basis of merit at the time of admission.

The subject of specialization in the Third Year is granted purely on the basis of merit based on total marks obtained in all practical subjects at the Second Year B.F.A. examination and is confirmed at the time of entering the Third Year class as per the existing rules.

Distribution of BFA Seats

Seats are alloted under various categories as per Government rules. The distribution of seats under these categories are shown in the college prospectus. (prospectus is available online)


Seats under AICTE Tuition Fee Waiver Scheme

Government has approved the  AICTE Scheme on tuition Fee Waiver in technical institutes.

As per the provisions of the Scheme, each institution shall admit upto maximum of 5% of its sanctioned intake in the same discipline as Supernumerary Seats. Admissions are to be done based on the same merit list as used for sanctioned intake.

Waiver is limited to approve tuition fee only and all other fees are to be paid by the beneficiaries. Under the Scheme, tuition fee waiver shall be provided to upto 5% of the sanctioned intake of students.

The seats shall be supernumerary and shall not be transferred to other category of applicants. Candidates whose parents annual income from all sources does not exceed Rs.6,00,000/- shall be considered eligible for availing admission under the Scheme. All eligible candidates from General Category merit list shall be considered eligible for availing seats under Tuition Fee Waiver Scheme, provided they submit an Income Certificate in specified format together with their application stating that annual total income of their parents from all sources is less than Rs.6.00 Lakhs in the year 2016-17. Candidates who fail to produce original Income Certificate during admission round shall not be considered for seats under AICTE Tuition Fee Waiver Scheme. Tuition fee waiver shall be granted for the duration of the course, and once a student is given tuition fee waiver, same shall be continued for the normal course duration.