Bachelor of Fine Arts ( Painting )

Bachelor of Fine Arts ( Painting )

Students opting for a course in Painting are trained to effectively blend their conceptual and technical excellence to stimulate and develop the natural potential in each individual. It is an exploration into their creative ability, through the visual medium to encourage their artistic endeavors and bring out the best in them.

The specialization in Painting is a three-year course, after completing the primary training at the first year foundation. During the course, the emphasis is on the basic subjects of Drawing and Painting, to train and improve the visual perception and achieve good draftsmanship and technical competence. Besides the rigorous training in the basics, the students are also exposed to various techniques and material through subjects like Mural Painting, Portraiture and Print-making.

The training in different practical subjects is supported with knowledge in theory, which include History of Art and Aesthetics. These subjects provide historical data and ideas pertaining to the development of art and culture all over the world. It also includes various aesthetical theories prevailing in our times, to help the students enhance their receptive capabilities and sensibilities. In the advanced years Painting is the major subject which remains compulsory. Student also opt for specialization. Currently Portraiture, Mural, Sculpture and Print-making are the specialization subjects offered.

Group I (Theory)

1. History of Art
2. Aesthetics 

Group II (Practicals)

1. Painting I
2. Painting II
3. Subject of Specialisation (Any one of the following subjects):


painting block
Print Making

Career Opportunities

Career Opportunities ( Painting )

Graduating with a degree in Painting, provides ample career choices that include Art educator as teacher or Lecturer, Self employed Painter for Portraits, Landscapes or abstracts, Illustrator for books and magazines, Textile designer for commercial products, Display Artist for murals or installations, Art restorers for damaged or faded paintings. Arts management in galleries and museums, Set designs for stage or films, among many other options.


Faculty ( Painting )



Shri. Omprakash V. Naik
Asst. Professor

Smt. Harsha J. Mandurkar
Asst. Professor

Shri Kedar Krishna Dhondu
Asst. Professor


Shri Omkar Sagun N. Banaule
Asst. Professor

Shri Deepak Rama Shirodkar
Asst. Professor

Ms. Lorette Joyce Pinto
Asst. Professor


 . College also appoints additional faculty on visiting/contractual basis to facilitate the ongoing academic program.