Category 2: SC (Scheduled Caste)

Category 2: SC (Scheduled Caste)

Allocated seats: 2%

Applicants belonging to any of the following five castes (included in the list of scheduled castes in the State of Goa) shall be eligible under this category, on production of caste certificate from the Competent Authority, provided he/she meets all other conditions of the General category and he/she or his/her forefathers belong to Goa or have migrated to Goa before 16th February 1968*.

List of scheduled castes in the State of Goa

  1. Bhangui
  2. Chambhar (Hadi)
  3. Mahar
  4. Mahyavanshi (Vankar)
  5. Mang​

Specific Documents Required:
An applicant claiming a seat reserved for Scheduled Castes must produce a valid Non-Migrant Caste Certificate in the prescribed Proforma (Annexure I) from the Dy. Collector of the area concerned. Certificate issued by a Village Panchayat/Mamlatdar will not be accepted.

NOTE. Migrant Scheduled Caste/Scheduled Tribe: *By Presidential Order dated 19th February, 1968, the area comprising the Union Territory of Goa was recognized as State of Goa under the Goa, Daman and Diu Re-Organisation Act, 1987. Any person or his forefathers, who have migrated to Goa after the issue of the Presidential Order dated 19th February 1968, shall not be entitled to any benefit of reservation as Scheduled Caste/Scheduled Tribe for admission to the Professional Colleges in Goa, even if their caste is specified as Schedule Caste/Scheduled Tribe or Other Backward Class in relation to the State of Goa.